The Power of Place…

After spending more than 25years working in the digital arts, English born artist and designer, Simon Johns has set aside technology and returned to his fine arts training and to his principal passion of painting. He has combined his ability to identify and capture on canvas moments in astonishing detail with his other great passion, cities and the built environment.

“It was my love of old cities that brought me back to painting. Not their great monuments or grand buildings, but the myriad ordinary and oft ignored stories that exist all around us. These bitesize tales tell us about who we are and how we got here, they provide us with a connection to the past and in so doing afford more sucker to the soul than their mundanity would suggest. It is, in my view, these moments that create the spirit of a place, that define its genus loci and make it real, and it is these moments that I wish to record and celebrate”.

– Simon Johns